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MedCost Renewal and Open Enrollment: Ready to (En)Roll?

It’s time to gear up for open enrollment if you haven’t done so already! We’re a little more than 60 days away from your 1/1 health plan renewal, and eligibility data is due to MedCost no later than 11/15 to ensure on-time arrival of your Summary Plan Description (SPD) and member ID cards. 

Meeting the important milestones on the schedule can help you bypass roadblocks or slowdowns that could delay timely completion of your plan renewal. If you've met the prior deadlines, here’s what you can expect down the road: 

By 11/12 Your Account Manager will provide an ID card/insert mock-up for your review and approval, if applicable.
By 11/15 Eligibility data (including COBRA and Open Enrollment changes) are due to MedCost. Also, approval or final changes to the ID card/insert are due to your Account Manager, if applicable.
By 11/17 Summary Plan Description (SPD) blackout period begins. 
By 11/23 Your Account Manager will provide your final renewal paperwork for signature and a preliminary SPD for approval.

Wherever you may be in your plan renewal and open enrollment journey, MedCost has resources to help. Our Enrollment Guide offers best practices to help manage your open enrollment period and/or successfully submit eligibility data once enrollment ends. And, as always, your MedCost Account Manager is available to help steer you in the right direction and keep things moving along. 

Watch for additional emails from MedCost and your Account Manager as we navigate this renewal and open enrollment road together