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Member Health Care Claims

The most important part of health care benefits is the care.

Another important aspect of your benefits is understanding what your plan covers and what payment will be your personal responsibility.

For starters, your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) can provide a snapshot of your claims activity. An EOB is the statement issued by MedCost for any health care services you may have received as well as the resulting benefits and charges covered and not covered by your plan. It is not a bill, but a way to see what charges you are responsible for. Those charges are labeled Your Financial Responsibility or Patient Responsibility.

For your convenience, when you register for your online Member account you can set up email notifications to alert you when a new EOB is available to view. If you prefer a paper EOB, you can change your delivery preference using the secure login in your Member account. The secure login also allows you to access your eligibility status and history, claims history, Summary Plan Description and deductible and out-of-pocket balances.


Understanding Your Explanation of Benefits