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Those in the health care business certainly need the best in benefits.

MedCost understands the need to create balance between medical care and managing costs for health systems and their employees. For more than 30 years, we have been administering benefits to meet the specific needs of health systems’ benefits plans, providing a comprehensive care approach. Currently, we administer plans for 47 hospitals, health systems and multi-specialty groups.

Advantages of Working with a Specialist

  • Collaboration and referrals into health system’s in-house wellness and disease management programs

  • Comprehensive reporting with drill-down analytics—compare your health plan utilization with other hospital clients to help manage trends more effectively

  • Flexibility to customize benefits plans to the special needs of hospitals, including maximizing domestic utilization

  • Unparalleled customer service with dedicated account managers

  • Being owned by one of the largest hospital systems in North Carolina—Atrium Health—gives us a unique perspective and the insight and expertise to service hospitals of all sizes

Supporting Hospitals and Health Care Systems

In addition to being provider-owned (Atrium Health), MedCost has unique insight and understanding of the needs and challenges facing hospitals, provider groups and health systems. One-third of all North Carolina health care systems partner with us to administer their own employee health plans and provide comprehensive, customized care management programs. Together, we create benefit designs that encourage use of health system-owned facilities and clinical programs that ensure effective cross-referral into health system-based wellness programs.

Healthcare for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

What does this mean for your hospital?

MedCost’s integrated solution (network, care management and administration) not only provides options to employers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, it also brings value to your hospital, including:

  • Administrative ease of single payer model—consistency with ID cards, EOBs and customer service
  • Fast and accurate claims payment—average claim turnaround of 7.24 days and 99.46% financial accuracy
  • Best-in-class electronic claims administration—member level eligibility, electronic funds transfer, electronic claims filing (85%), encounter eligibility, claim status inquiry and authorizations
  • Customized white label support for your direct-to-employer engagement strategies: core plan functionality and back-office claims administration, case/utilization management and customer service