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The MedCost Network has a significant presence throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and is the largest independent provider network in the tristate region. Our network is a traditional preferred provider organization (PPO) managed by MedCost, in which selected doctors, hospitals, home health agencies and other ancillary providers have reached an agreement to offer discounted fees to our members. Before a physician or facility is added to the MedCost Network, they must be credentialed and approved. In order to remain in the network, they must also follow an approval process for recredentialing every three (3) years.

Advantages for Providers, Employers and Patients

Employers who access the MedCost Network provide a financial incentive or disincentive in their health benefit plans to encourage employees to stay within the network for medical care. Although employees can choose to see providers outside of the network, they receive better benefits and fewer out-of-pocket expenses by staying in-network. This arrangement provides a stable patient base and increased business for network providers, while allowing employers in the area to continue offering affordable health care options for their employees.

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